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A first go at the stages

April 28, 2007

Here is a first attempt at dividing up the route into stages. Click on the image to enlarge it.

I’ve considered the ascents as well as the distance when dividing the route up. I’ve also considered the ‘state of fitness’ of those of us doing the whole thing ie the days at the beginning are less of a challenge than those at the end. At least that is the theory.

If you have any advice on modifications please click on the comment link. Thanks.


Tricia sent me a text

April 28, 2007

TriciaNow this is a very significant development. Tricia is a brilliant networker and has a knack of making things happen. We were both part of a group of people who cycled across the Yucatan for Acorns Children’s Hospice in 2003. Tricia also joined me for part of last year’s ride. I’m hoping some of the other members of the Mexico team might also sign up like Gill or  Katriona or Sally or Pippa or ??

Tricia is planning to support the ride in a vehicle for 2-3 days from Taunton onwards. This is fantastic, as several people will join in if they know there is someone with a box of plasters and a car just behind!

I’ve also spoken to Adrian – he rode a good part of the route last year – from Avenbury to Preston and he is working out his leave to see when he might join in this time.


Ways you can support us

April 28, 2007


We do
need the support of others to achieve our fund-raising goals and any support of
any kind is very much appreciated. Here’s a summary of how individuals might be able to help.

can help as follows:

Promote the ride You can download and print cards and posters here. Put the posters up in prominent places and give the cards to people you meet.
all your friends
and family to look at The more visitors
we get the better our chances of getting Corporate sponsorship.
on the blog
entries – give us advice, pledge support, encourage us! Note:
you will be asked for an email address when you comment but this is not
all your books and CDs and other Amazon stuff here!
If you go to Amazon through the search box on the right and
actually buy something ruralnet|uk gets a donation of between 4 and 5% of what you spend!

the cycling team
for the whole ride or selected stages – we’d like you to
raise a minimum of £25 for ruralnet|uk (or donate this amount yourself). In
return we will give you all the support and advice you need to participate and
you will have fun! You can raise additional money for ruralnet|uk or your own charity if you wish.
to this blog
from your website or blog.
the fundraising widget on your own blog or website
. You can get the code
from here
what you can
to the good cause – click  here.
out the poster
and pin it up in your workplace, village shop or anywhere
else where people will see it. Coming soon!

can help as follows (and we can help you):

a corporate sponsor and promote your products and services
to cyclists, gps
users, end to enders, digital map users and more. Please leave a  comment or email me at  s[dot]berry[at]gpscycle[dot]com.



Now we are two!

April 28, 2007


Ian (with the nice hat) is the first person to commit to do the whole ride with me! Cheers Ian, I feel better already. Ian commented on this blog ten days ago and we’ve now chatted on the phone. Key facts are:

1 we are both the wrong side of 45 but only one of us is the wrong side of 50

2 we are both carrying too much weight

3 neither of us have started training yet

If you’d like to join in for the whole ride or just bits of it, please leave a comment on the blog and I will get back to you.

Buy your Amazon stuff here!

April 25, 2007

Amazon_logoAn easy way to support us on the Participation Ride is to buy your Amazon stuff right here by searching using the Amazon box to the right of every page. Depending on what you buy and how much you spend, up to 10% goes straight to ruralnet|uk and you don’t pay a penny more.

Please spread the word . . . buy your Amazon stuff through!

PS: In case there is any doubt, no one here gets to see what you buy and how much you spend!

We have a logo!

April 24, 2007

Pridelogo200Thanks to the multi-talented Luke we now have a logo for the ride. Cool eh?

If you’d like a higher resolution version, click on the image to the left and then right-click on the image that pops up and select ‘Save As…’. If you need an even high resolution version, please leave a comment and I will email you one.

If you want to know what Luke does when he’s not designing logos for his Dad take a look here. "The future is here it’s just unevenly distruibuted".

Summary stats and stop-overs

April 1, 2007

Explorist600I have exported the data behind and you can download it as an Excel file here

The next task is to decide where the stop-overs will be. I want to do an average of 100 miles a day so that the trip lasts 12 days. However, based on last year’s experience, I am going to divide the route by metres ascended rather than by miles.

According to the attached file the total ascent will be around 38,500 metres which is about 3,250 a day. I’m off to do some sums . . .