Now we are two!


Ian (with the nice hat) is the first person to commit to do the whole ride with me! Cheers Ian, I feel better already. Ian commented on this blog ten days ago and we’ve now chatted on the phone. Key facts are:

1 we are both the wrong side of 45 but only one of us is the wrong side of 50

2 we are both carrying too much weight

3 neither of us have started training yet

If you’d like to join in for the whole ride or just bits of it, please leave a comment on the blog and I will get back to you.


One Response to “Now we are two!”

  1. James Cooke Says:

    Hi there, i was thinking about doine lands end to john o groats route by myself in september, and saw your flyer in a bike shop in cheltenham. I would love to join u guys if at all possible, however there are a few problems.
    1. i havent really participated in a long cycle ride before (i have done the london-brighton on a downhill bike! and have ran marathons before) my main concern is that i will not be fast enough to keep up with your milage limits.
    2. i have a road bike (specialized Allez) with proper skinny tires, is that going to be okay with the cycle networks? the only experience i have with these is the routes around the cotswolds, which would be totally impossible!
    3. i will be raising money for a friend of mines charity, not the cause you are raising for – i hope this is not too much of a problem though
    if you think u could put up with me (or at least i could start with you and just take a few longer days) please contact me i dont know if u can see my e-mail address but you can call me on 07872449417.
    if you dont think it will work out, i wish you luck!

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