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Simon’s bike – Pashley Moulton TSR30

July 19, 2007

I’ve been asked a few questions about the bike I am riding. Well here it is. This is walk around the bike about 700 miles into last year’s trip.

A few additional points not made in this video are:

  1. The pedals were reversible – flat on one side and with clips on the other. I was clipped in 99% of the time;
  2. I was carrying a foldable tyre in the back bag which was fitted just north of Glasgow;
  3. I had spare spokes taped to the rear triangle – look out for these in the video;
  4. The zip ties stayed on the frame and formed loops and clothing was tucked underneath them – long velcro traps would have been better;
  5. I had a pump clipped to the bottle holder on the underside of the frame;
  6. If it had rained I had re-sealable polythene bags to wrap things up in.

The definitive route detail

July 7, 2007


Here is the definitive list of all the stages for the Participation Ride 2007 with links to the map and GPS files for each stage. Note that there will be a support vehicle from Taunton to Buxton.

BOLD CAPS indicate the lunch stops.

Day 1: Mon – 27/8/07
27/08/07    Land’s End to Hayle  >>map and GPS files
27/08/07    Hayle to Bissoe  >>map and GPS files
27/08/07    Bissoe to TRURO  >>map and GPS files
27/08/07    TRURO to Padstow  >>map and GPS files
27/08/07    Padstow to Bodmin  >>map and GPS files

Day 2: Tue – 28/8/07
28/08/07    Bodmin to Bude (HOLSWORTHY)  >>map and GPS files
28/08/07    Bude to Barnstaple  >>map and GPS files

Day 3: Wed – 29/8/07
29/08/07    Barnstaple to Bampton  >>map and GPS files
29/08/07    Bampton to TAUNTON  >>map and GPS files
29/08/07    TAUNTON to Glastonbury (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
29/08/07    Glastonbury to Whitchurch (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files

Day 4: Thu – 30/8/07
30/08/07    Whitchurch to Severn Beach (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
30/08/07    Severn Beach to Gloucester (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
30/08/07    Gloucester to EVESHAM (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
30/08/07    EVESHAM to Great Alne (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
30/08/07    Great Alne to Bromsgrove (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files

Day 5: Fri – 31/8/07
31/08/07    Bromsgrove to Birmingham (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
31/08/07    Birmingham to Walsall (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
31/08/07    Walsall to Lichfield (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
31/08/07    Lichfield to Etwall (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
31/08/07    Etwall to BUXTON (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
31/08/07    BUXTON to Hadfield  >>map and GPS files

Day 6: Sat – 01/9/07
01/09/07    Hadfield to Slaithwaite  >>map and GPS files
01/09/07    Slaithwaite to Hebden Bridge  >>map and GPS files
01/09/07    Hebden Bridge to THORNTON-IN-CRAVEN  >>map and GPS files
01/09/07    THORNTON-IN-CRAVEN to Ingleton  >>map and GPS files

Day 7: Sun – 02/9/07
02/09/07    Ingleton to Orton  >>map and GPS files
02/09/07    Orton to PENRITH  >>map and GPS files
02/09/07    PENRITH to Carlisle  >>map and GPS files
02/09/07    Carlisle to Annan  >>map and GPS files

Day 8: Mon – 03/9/07
03/09/07    Annan to Castle Douglas  >>map and GPS files
03/09/07    Castle Douglas to GATEHOUSE OF FLEET  >>map and GPS files
03/09/07    GATEHOUSE OF FLEET to Glentrool Village  >>map and GPS files
03/09/07    Glentrool Village to Ayr  >>map and GPS files

Day 9: Tue – 04/9/07
04/09/07    Ayr to Irvine  >>map and GPS files
04/09/07    Irvine to Johnstone  >>map and GPS files
04/09/07    Johnstone to Glasgow  >>map and GPS files
04/09/07    Glasgow to ALEXANDRIA  >>map and GPS files
04/09/07    ALEXANDRIA to Achray Forest  >>map and GPS files
04/09/07    Achray Forest to Killin  >>map and GPS files

Day 10: Wed – 05/9/07
05/09/07    Killin to Pitlochry  >>map and GPS files
05/09/07    Pitlochry to Newtonmore (DALNASPIDAL)  >>map and GPS files
05/09/07    Newtonmore to Carrbridge  >>map and GPS files

Day 11: Thu – 06/9/07
06/09/07    Carrbridge to Inverness  >>map and GPS files
06/09/07    Inverness to TAIN  >>map and GPS files
06/09/07    TAIN to Tongue  >>map and GPS files

Day 12: Fri – 07/9/07
07/09/07    Tongue to THURSO  >>map and GPS files
07/09/07    THURSO to John o’ Groats  >>map and GPS files
07/09/07    John o’ Groats to Duncansby Head  >>map and GPS files

Now we are 7!

July 7, 2007

Adrian3Just received a text from Adrian – he is in!

Adrian is joining us on 3/9/07 at lunchtime (around Gatehouse of Fleet) and staying with the ride until the bitter end!

Adrian and I were part of the team that rode across the Yucatan in aid of Acorns Children’s Hospice in 2003. This is when this picture was taken. Adrian also joined the ride last year from Avenbury to Preston.


Rob to join in – Slaithwaite and Hebden Bridge

July 2, 2007

RobandjeanRob and Jean were the first people I saw on my 50th birthday last year as I was cycling along the banks of Loch Ness. I didn’t know them before that moment. they had been following the blog and were in the area on holiday! The full report on the encounter is here.

Rob’s just left a comment on the blog which goes like this:

Remember we met at Drumnadrochit on your last ride.
I intend joining you for the day between Slaithwaite and Hebden Bridge
on 1/9/07.
I have looked at the route and at first thought there were problems crossing the M62 at Scammonden Dam, however I have rece’d it and although it is naggery the only feature which may slow you down is a
steep down hill singetrack from Chapel Hill Lane down to the path across the Dam wall.The crossing of the M62 is by tunnel at the west end of the Dam.
I am off to ride it this week.
Best of luck.

Brilliant! Welcome on board Rob – let us know how your ride goes.