Rob to join in – Slaithwaite and Hebden Bridge

RobandjeanRob and Jean were the first people I saw on my 50th birthday last year as I was cycling along the banks of Loch Ness. I didn’t know them before that moment. they had been following the blog and were in the area on holiday! The full report on the encounter is here.

Rob’s just left a comment on the blog which goes like this:

Remember we met at Drumnadrochit on your last ride.
I intend joining you for the day between Slaithwaite and Hebden Bridge
on 1/9/07.
I have looked at the route and at first thought there were problems crossing the M62 at Scammonden Dam, however I have rece’d it and although it is naggery the only feature which may slow you down is a
steep down hill singetrack from Chapel Hill Lane down to the path across the Dam wall.The crossing of the M62 is by tunnel at the west end of the Dam.
I am off to ride it this week.
Best of luck.

Brilliant! Welcome on board Rob – let us know how your ride goes.


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