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We made it! Just!

August 31, 2007


We’ve just got in to Glossop absolutely exhausted. 115 miles with the last 25 through the Peaks. We entered the Park and the weather changed immediately. The last 3 hours have been through high winds (side on fortunately), mist and rain. Ian had chain problems and a close encounter with a four-wheeled monster in the mist to contend with. However, we have now caught up with ourselves: the plan was to be in Glossop at the end of day 5 and here we are! Those that stayed awake long enough had a picnic in the B and B lounge as it was too late for all the pubs….


A catch up with ‘thank you’s

August 31, 2007


Sorry, I’ve got a bit behind with these but loads of people have supported us beyond the call of duty. Here are a few of them:
CAROL, DUNCAN and LIZ of Swallet Farm. Their hospitality was tremendous. Carol drove down to collect me from Wells and did all our laundry. And then Luke left without paying! We’ll catch up later!
I didn’t get to the farm until late but the pub _gave_ Trish a rump steak which she cooked on my arrival.
Martin met us in Whitchurch and guided us through Bristol and up to Severn Beach. Cheers Martin!
And Sarah and Martin for putting us up at Badsey at short notice, the Wheatsheaf for re-opening the main menu after hours and Jane (James’ mum) for joining us and paying. Thanks Jane.
You know about Trish already. She is currently dragging us through the West Midlands on an unplanned route.
Then there is Jane (my wife, Luke’s mum) who has been coordinating things back at base and has agreed to drive up to Stone and support us with a vehicle from this afternoon, to drag us up through Yorkshire, and as far as Penrith. Thanks everybody.

Above in the pic we have L to R: Carol, Ian, Duncan, James, Trish and Luke…

Trish is a star

August 31, 2007


When Trish said she’d join us as a support vehicle for a couple of days I thought ‘Oh that will be nice, we’ll be able to catch on the news and the food will be good!’. Little did I realise that we just wouldn’t have been able to get this far without her.
Yesterday (day 3) we got up before the others at 6 and she drove me back to Wells so that I could complete the section from there to Swalley Farm before breakfast.
Before the ride she also spotted that we’d booked accommodation in the wrong Whitchurch! It would have been a disaster if we’d not corrected that be fore the ride.
Thanks Trish. We’ll have to cath up with news some other time!

Facing challenges

August 31, 2007

It’s 5 in the morning on day 4 and I can’t get back to sleep. We are in Evesham and we should be in Bromsgrove. We are 70 km behind schedule. We had meeting last night to decide what to do.

We can’t extend the ride because Ian needs to get back for his wife’s birthday bash. We want to stay toggether. So this is the plan: We are going to take A roads today and start pedalling at 7:30. We are going to ty and make up lost time and get to Glossop which is 120 miles away. This quite a challenge. Let’s see how we get on.

A quick comment on comments

August 30, 2007

Although I can post stuff to the blog, it is difficult to respond to comments but my wife Jane is monitoring them so please keep them coming in. Thanks.

29/8/07, 10:15, Wells

August 29, 2007

I’ve got as far as here and will have to call it a day (night). I feel fine but my lights are not good enough to cope with unlit canal paths and the like. I will have to come back here tomorrow to start.

We’ve have Trish in support today which has been marvellous. She went to a bike shop that Jane had found first thing and got a pair of Continental tyres and I fitted these at Bampton they have run really well. Let’s see if they get me to JOG.

Glastonbury by night

August 29, 2007

GlastonburynightWell it’s nine o’clock and I’m as far as Glastonbury, with 30 miles to go – but that’s only the same as 6 times round Draycott Water (favourite training circuit). A late start for me fixing the saddle and putting on two new tyres (thanks Jane and Trish), so the other 3 have gone ahead, and taken a few short cuts on the main roads too. Should be in Whitchurch at the farm B and B by 11…. hope they’ve saved some dinner!

I have bolt . .

August 29, 2007


. . . and saddle and pump. Tyres waiting at Bampton. Yeah!
BUT: the bolt is a bit too long and only leaves about 3mm clearance!! If you know what I mean. And it’s already 11:30, only 15 miles done, 105 to do. Speed 10mph. No more blogging today. But please keep the comments and donations coming!

More about the picture later.

What a day (Day 2)

August 29, 2007


We made good progress today when we were in the saddle. The trouble is we were forced to stop too often due to problems with my lovely Moulton.

I ended the day on a very dodgy front tyre which needs to be replaced asap and with no saddle!

12 miles out the saddle bolt sheared and so riding out of the saddle was the only option. Luke took my luggage on to his bike. This was hard work and I was really worried that I’d get blisters on the balls of my feet which would have been a show stopper. So after 8 miles Luke gave me his saddle and he stood up for the last 4 miles with all the luggage.

My feet are a bit tender this morning but I think they will be fine.

If the saddle had broken earlier in the day we would have been snookered.

Today our start will be delayed while we visit the local bike shop. At least there is one. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to get a couple of new tyres.

Meet Louise and Chris

August 29, 2007


Luke and I had a hard but good run from the B&B, along the Camel Trail and up (and up) over Bodmin Moor. At the first sign of civilisation we stopped for a baked potato at the Wilsey Down pub. We were too early for lunch but Chris and Louise (following a request from Jan) opened the kichen especially and we ate well. Thanks guys. And thanks for the donation too!