BBC Breakfast, the wrong Whitchurch and some the women in my life

SwalletTricia called this morning after I published the accommodation list on this blog to say that we’d booked our B&B on the 3rd night in the wrong Whitchurch!! Anyway, Tricia has now sorted this and we are staying at the farm to the left which is conveniently located in the right Whitchurch. I have corrected the accommodation list here.

Ellie, of UKVillages, also called. She has been doing a bit of publicity and we ‘are booked in for Monday’ on BBC Breakfast!! Whether this happens or not we will see! But it’s probably worth having the TV on!

Meanwhile, another woman, Jane, has been keeping me calm and helping me get an awful lot of ‘stuff’ on a very small bike.

Thanks girls!!

(Can’t wait to start pedalling now . . . but got my brother-in-law’s wedding to attend to first).


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