Big tyre problem


I have just had my second puncture caused by a split in the side of the tyre. See picture. I am going to get through tyres pretty quickly at this rate. I am going to need a Moulton supplier! Help! FYI I am on Alexrims DA16.  I have checked the rims for burrs – there are none. But the tyre wall is worn where it hits the rim but only on one side???


2 Responses to “Big tyre problem”

  1. Jane Says:

    Got some stockists ready to ring in Bridgwater and Taunton if you can get that far!

  2. Brian R Says:

    Hi Simon
    I emailed the symptoms of your problem to Moulton Bicycles, and Shaun Moulton himself responded very quickly and positively:
    “What tyre is Simon using?
    What sort of trouble and how many times?
    We will be happy to immediately send him a tyre or tyres anywhere he can take delivery, please let us know what we can do.
    Shaun Moulton, Moulton Bicycles.”
    “Has Simon checked the brake pad on that side of the wheel is not coming into contact with the tyre?
    I’ve passed this to your support team but a BIG thank you goes to Shaun Moulton of Moulton Bicycles for his prompt response – not to mention his excellent bicycles!
    Brian R

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