Team splits!


The experience of day 1 made us all acutely aware of the challenge ahead of us and what can go wrong if you don’t keep pedalling. Breaks are fine but you have to keep a keen eye on the time. For the second day we decided to split with Ian and James taking the main road route to Bude and then Barnstaple and Luke and I (Simon) sticking to the NCN.
This seemed to work really well. We were able overlap our lunch stops in Bude and Ian was able to get to Barnstaple in time to have a meal with his wife and son. Luke and I arrived too late for that – see ‘What a day’.
The GPS is working really well.


One Response to “Team splits!”

  1. Brian MacLeod Says:

    You probably have checked thsi, but just in case…
    Make sure your brake blocks are not rubbing the tyre when you apply them – check through the full revoluion of the wheel.

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