What a day (Day 2)


We made good progress today when we were in the saddle. The trouble is we were forced to stop too often due to problems with my lovely Moulton.

I ended the day on a very dodgy front tyre which needs to be replaced asap and with no saddle!

12 miles out the saddle bolt sheared and so riding out of the saddle was the only option. Luke took my luggage on to his bike. This was hard work and I was really worried that I’d get blisters on the balls of my feet which would have been a show stopper. So after 8 miles Luke gave me his saddle and he stood up for the last 4 miles with all the luggage.

My feet are a bit tender this morning but I think they will be fine.

If the saddle had broken earlier in the day we would have been snookered.

Today our start will be delayed while we visit the local bike shop. At least there is one. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to get a couple of new tyres.


2 Responses to “What a day (Day 2)”

  1. Paul Webster Says:

    Keep going Simon and the team!
    I’ve linked to you from my blog. My blog post was about getting a sponsor for your blog (part of the 31 Days Blog Challenge). Now very VCS so instead I linked to your blog thinking its better for people to be directed to sponsor you.
    Hope the technical problems are now behind you and its all OK now.

  2. Martin Says:

    Your feet look in pretty good shape to me! Can’t offer any help if you have foot problems but tomorrow we will passing very close to some large supermarkets and a couple of good bike shops if you need to stock up on anything. I also made you an offer on some Lithium AAs – I’ll bring them anyway just in case you need them. Hope today (Wednesday) went well. See you at 10.

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