A catch up with ‘thank you’s


Sorry, I’ve got a bit behind with these but loads of people have supported us beyond the call of duty. Here are a few of them:
CAROL, DUNCAN and LIZ of Swallet Farm. Their hospitality was tremendous. Carol drove down to collect me from Wells and did all our laundry. And then Luke left without paying! We’ll catch up later!
I didn’t get to the farm until late but the pub _gave_ Trish a rump steak which she cooked on my arrival.
Martin met us in Whitchurch and guided us through Bristol and up to Severn Beach. Cheers Martin!
And Sarah and Martin for putting us up at Badsey at short notice, the Wheatsheaf for re-opening the main menu after hours and Jane (James’ mum) for joining us and paying. Thanks Jane.
You know about Trish already. She is currently dragging us through the West Midlands on an unplanned route.
Then there is Jane (my wife, Luke’s mum) who has been coordinating things back at base and has agreed to drive up to Stone and support us with a vehicle from this afternoon, to drag us up through Yorkshire, and as far as Penrith. Thanks everybody.

Above in the pic we have L to R: Carol, Ian, Duncan, James, Trish and Luke…


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