Alive in Sedbergh


Picnic Brunch stop at the town centre car park in Sedbergh,where the cooked sausages given to us by New Butts Farm B and B disappeared very quickly… L to R James, getting into dry clothes, Jane with a french sausage, Ian with his Big Shorts, Jo and Luke. We started in the rain but had a brilliant run through the Dales. Cousin Jo has joined us as chief navigator!


2 Responses to “Alive in Sedbergh”

  1. Emma Says:

    Ian are those shorts you are holding up or a tent?! Nice to see the weather in the north is holding up to expectations. Really impressed with how you are all doing despite numerous problems. Let me know if I can get anything for any of you and send it on for you to the next B & B (ie spare parts etc.) Jumble missing you lots. Love Emma and William.

  2. john Says:

    nice to hear about the team ! It was really good meeting Ian and James yesterday at Skipton for tea and seeing how well they were going after 500plus miles and luckily with so few mechanical problems. Hope you had better weather today than I had on the Hell o the North- I was only about 10 miles away from Sedbergh today but probably at a different time to you. keep pedalling

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