The Penultimate Day

The alarm went off at 6:45 and Adrian and I were up. We had our bikes packed by 7:45 and then it was in for breakfast. Today was to be a long day – 130 miles. Ian comes down at 8 and announces that he’s going up the A9 direct to JOG. This was a bit of a blow. James was adamant that we should stick together so that’s what we are doing. I had to cancel the accommodation in Tongue (but we’ll still have to pay unless Mr and Mrs Anderson at Rhian Cottage M Tongue are feeling generous) and there will be no NCN today.
On the plus side, this knocks about 40 miles off the route. We’ll get to JOG earlier tomorrow which means that I can still cycle across the north coast which is something I really want to do.
The picture is of Terry and Shan Dudleston of Craigellachie House in Carrbridge who looked after us very well and held the chef at the Bistro for us. If you are in Carrbridge stay at Craigellachie House.


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