Mission accomplished


1174 miles in 11.5 days. Not bad for an old bloke, a fat bloke and a young man who hasn’t cycled much before.
Ian left immediately by cab and the rest of us are in the pub comparing stories with other end to enders.
Thanks to everyone who helped us get here and at this point I have to highlight Jane and Trish. Without their help we would not have made it. Thanks girls!
We are now having a Guiness and Pizza and hoping for the wind to die down before going off to Duncansby Head and then along the north coast to Thurso.

The official photo with the riders in it will follow . . .


9 Responses to “Mission accomplished”

  1. netgain team Says:

    Congratulations from us in sunny Stoneleigh on other fantastic achievement!

  2. Hodders Says:

    Very well done! amazing ride & blog.

  3. Richard Fairhurst Says:

    Thanks Richard – your website ( gm@tanglewood.u-net.com) looks very interesting. I’ll take a closer look shortly.

  4. Dave Wild Says:

    Congratulations to Simon and crew. Brilliant. I knew you would do it. Time for you to enjoy a few beers now. Dave Wild

  5. Emma Says:

    Well done to you all – a fantastic achievement is it JOGLE next year!!! Congratulations Emma and Will xxx

  6. Ellie Stoneley Says:

    well done – fantastic achievement enjoy your pints and a sunny relaxing weekend with your legs no longer going round in circles
    congratulations one and all … specially the old bloke

  7. David Berry Says:

    Well done Simon and team – your Mother is greatly relieved!

  8. Ed Says:


  9. Luke Says:

    Well done Guys – one hell of an achievement.
    My achilles tendons are much better, thanks to the ministrations of a very good local physio. I’m back in the saddle already and thinking about the next thing . . .
    Thanks the spirit Luke! But let them fully recover before anything too strenuous! BTW James was offered the job at the Mint! Nothing like an end-to-end bike ride to prepare you for a final interview!

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