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Google maps are now down….

September 3, 2007

… temporarily. Apologies for anyone looking for the Google maps, the links have broken following a server change at work. They will be mended when I get back to the office. We are now tending to vary the route from that planned on most days anyway … any potential ‘joiners’ can leave a message on the blog.


Where we are staying

August 23, 2007

Bosavern_newThis is where we are staying in case you want to join us at the beginning of a day or meet up with us at the end of one. Most of them have websites even though not all of them are given here.

PLEASE NOTE: Rob Quinn has had to cry off – he’s really apologetic – he’s got a new job and and his existing employer won’t let him take the time off 😦

This means we have a spare bed all the way around.

Day 0: Sun – 26/8/07
26/08/07    St Just
Ian, Luke, Simon
Bosavern House
St Just-in-Penwith
TR19 7RD
01736 788301

Day 1: Mon – 27/8/07
27/08/07    Bodmin
Ian, Rob, Simon
‘glenview’.ruthern bridge nr bodmin – they have a website
Glenview – AC026
PL30 5NP
Tel: +44 (0)1208 831585
Lat: 50.467799
Lng: -4.807880
E-Mail :

Day 2: Tue – 28/8/07
28/08/07    Barnstaple
Ian, Rob, Simon
the old vicarage’.barnstaple – they have a website
The Old Vicarage
Barbican Ter
Barnstaple, EX32 9HQ
01271 328504

Day 3: Wed – 29/8/07
29/08/07    Whitchurch
Ian, Rob, Simon, Trish
2 rooms booked
SY13 4DL
Tel:  01948 663151

The above is the wrong Whitchurch! Well spotted Tricia! We are now booked here:
Swallet Farm

Old Bristol Road
East Harptree
Bristol, UK
BS40 6DQ
Tel: +44 (0)1761 221909

Day 4: Thu – 30/8/07
30/08/07    Bromsgrove
Ian, Rob, Simon, Trish
Avonhill Lodge, Redditch
This place was the next best thing as there was absolutely nothing in
and around Bromsgrove. Redditch is on the route though and only 5 miles
SE of Bromsgrove. Couldn’t do 2 rooms so we’ve 2 singles and a twin.
Avonhill Lodge
Alcester Road, Beoley, Redditch, Warwickshire, B98 9EP
Telephone: 01564 742413

Day 5: Fri – 31/8/07
31/08/07    Hadfield
Ian, Rob, Simon
Peak Dale Lodge, Glossop
3 single rooms
Peakdale Lodge
49-53 High Street East,
SK13 8PN
01457 854109

Day 6: Sat – 01/9/07
01/09/07    Ingleton
Ian, Simon
‘gatehouse farm’ ingleton n/yorkshire – they have a website
Gatehouse Farm, Far Westhouse, Ingleton, North Yorkshire LA6 3NR
015242 41458 (+44 15242 41458)  / 015242 41307 (+44 01542 41307)

Day 7: Sun – 02/9/07
02/09/07    Annan
Ian, Simon
‘the old rectory’ annan dumfriesshire – they have a website
The Old Rectory, 12 St Johns Road, Annan, Gretna Green, Dumfries & Galloway.  DG12 6AW  –  01461 202029

Day 8: Mon – 03/9/07
03/09/07    Ayr
Ian, Simon, Adrian
Sunnyside Bed And Breakfast – B&B 4 Stars – Ayr, South Ayrshire
Mrs Malcolm
Sunnyside 26 Dunure Road
Telephone: +44 (1292) 441234
Triple room with Shower en-suite

Day 9: Tue – 04/9/07
04/09/07    Killin
Ian, Simon, Adrian
Killin Hotel – Hotel – Killin, The Trossachs
Ms Evlyn Cherrie
Main Street
FK21 8TP
Great Britain
Telephone: +44 (1567) 820296
1 family room for 3 adults

Day 10: Wed – 05/9/07
05/09/07    Carrbridge
Ian, Simon, Adrian
Craigellachie Guest House – Guest House 4 Stars – Carrbridge, Aviemore and  the Cairngorms
Mr Terry and Shan Dudleston
Main Street
PH23 3AS
Telephone: +44 (1479) 841641
Fax: +44 (0)1479 841415
1 twin room and 1 single room

Day 11: Thu – 06/9/07
06/09/07    Tongue
Ian, Simon, Adrian
Rhian Guest House – B&B 3 Stars – Tongue, North West Sutherland area
Mrs J Anderson
Rhian Cottage
IV27 4XJ
Telephone: +44 (0) 1847 611257
Mobile: +44 (0) 7719 668149
1 Double (one person) and 1 twin

Day 12: Fri – 07/9/07
07/09/07    (John o’ Groats) Thurso
Simon, Adrian
Sheigra – B&B 3 Stars – Thurso, Caithness and  North Coast Sutherland area
6 MacDonald Green
KW14 7EL
Telephone: +44 (1847) 892559
Telephone 2: +44 (7751) 716466
Fax: +44 (0)1847 892559

1 twin room


The definitive route detail

July 7, 2007


Here is the definitive list of all the stages for the Participation Ride 2007 with links to the map and GPS files for each stage. Note that there will be a support vehicle from Taunton to Buxton.

BOLD CAPS indicate the lunch stops.

Day 1: Mon – 27/8/07
27/08/07    Land’s End to Hayle  >>map and GPS files
27/08/07    Hayle to Bissoe  >>map and GPS files
27/08/07    Bissoe to TRURO  >>map and GPS files
27/08/07    TRURO to Padstow  >>map and GPS files
27/08/07    Padstow to Bodmin  >>map and GPS files

Day 2: Tue – 28/8/07
28/08/07    Bodmin to Bude (HOLSWORTHY)  >>map and GPS files
28/08/07    Bude to Barnstaple  >>map and GPS files

Day 3: Wed – 29/8/07
29/08/07    Barnstaple to Bampton  >>map and GPS files
29/08/07    Bampton to TAUNTON  >>map and GPS files
29/08/07    TAUNTON to Glastonbury (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
29/08/07    Glastonbury to Whitchurch (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files

Day 4: Thu – 30/8/07
30/08/07    Whitchurch to Severn Beach (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
30/08/07    Severn Beach to Gloucester (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
30/08/07    Gloucester to EVESHAM (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
30/08/07    EVESHAM to Great Alne (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
30/08/07    Great Alne to Bromsgrove (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files

Day 5: Fri – 31/8/07
31/08/07    Bromsgrove to Birmingham (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
31/08/07    Birmingham to Walsall (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
31/08/07    Walsall to Lichfield (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
31/08/07    Lichfield to Etwall (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
31/08/07    Etwall to BUXTON (support vehicle)  >>map and GPS files
31/08/07    BUXTON to Hadfield  >>map and GPS files

Day 6: Sat – 01/9/07
01/09/07    Hadfield to Slaithwaite  >>map and GPS files
01/09/07    Slaithwaite to Hebden Bridge  >>map and GPS files
01/09/07    Hebden Bridge to THORNTON-IN-CRAVEN  >>map and GPS files
01/09/07    THORNTON-IN-CRAVEN to Ingleton  >>map and GPS files

Day 7: Sun – 02/9/07
02/09/07    Ingleton to Orton  >>map and GPS files
02/09/07    Orton to PENRITH  >>map and GPS files
02/09/07    PENRITH to Carlisle  >>map and GPS files
02/09/07    Carlisle to Annan  >>map and GPS files

Day 8: Mon – 03/9/07
03/09/07    Annan to Castle Douglas  >>map and GPS files
03/09/07    Castle Douglas to GATEHOUSE OF FLEET  >>map and GPS files
03/09/07    GATEHOUSE OF FLEET to Glentrool Village  >>map and GPS files
03/09/07    Glentrool Village to Ayr  >>map and GPS files

Day 9: Tue – 04/9/07
04/09/07    Ayr to Irvine  >>map and GPS files
04/09/07    Irvine to Johnstone  >>map and GPS files
04/09/07    Johnstone to Glasgow  >>map and GPS files
04/09/07    Glasgow to ALEXANDRIA  >>map and GPS files
04/09/07    ALEXANDRIA to Achray Forest  >>map and GPS files
04/09/07    Achray Forest to Killin  >>map and GPS files

Day 10: Wed – 05/9/07
05/09/07    Killin to Pitlochry  >>map and GPS files
05/09/07    Pitlochry to Newtonmore (DALNASPIDAL)  >>map and GPS files
05/09/07    Newtonmore to Carrbridge  >>map and GPS files

Day 11: Thu – 06/9/07
06/09/07    Carrbridge to Inverness  >>map and GPS files
06/09/07    Inverness to TAIN  >>map and GPS files
06/09/07    TAIN to Tongue  >>map and GPS files

Day 12: Fri – 07/9/07
07/09/07    Tongue to THURSO  >>map and GPS files
07/09/07    THURSO to John o’ Groats  >>map and GPS files
07/09/07    John o’ Groats to Duncansby Head  >>map and GPS files

Trish commits! Bless you!

June 19, 2007

TriciaI warned you here that when you get a text from Tricia, things happen!

I got an email today which said:

Morning Simon
I’ll cover from lunch on 29/08 to & including lunch on 31/08.
I could bring the horse box which has plenty of space for bikes/luggage rather than the car if you think it’s a good idea – can take 2 passengers only though.

So those of you who’d do a stage or two "if there was a support vehicle" no longer have an excuse! To clarify this means that we will have support vehicle from Creech St Michael (near Taunton) to Buxton. Thanks Trish.

Dates and lunch stops finalised

June 3, 2007

Right, here is the final plan with the dates of each stage now set and the lunch stops specified. Hopefully, this will now enable others to commit to specific stages and/or lunch meet-ups. Click on the image to enlarge. The detailed spreadsheet can be downloaded here

I am hoping to confirm shortly that we will have a support vehicle from Creech St Michael (near Taunton) for 2-3 days. This would be from lunchtime on 29/8/07 (Weds) to lunchtime on 1/9/07 (Sat) when we will be in Thornton-in-Craven. This should help those who are a bit unsure of their capabilities to commit to a stage or two in the knowledge that there will be someone with a vehicle just behind.

Onwards and upwards!

A first go at the stages

April 28, 2007

Here is a first attempt at dividing up the route into stages. Click on the image to enlarge it.

I’ve considered the ascents as well as the distance when dividing the route up. I’ve also considered the ‘state of fitness’ of those of us doing the whole thing ie the days at the beginning are less of a challenge than those at the end. At least that is the theory.

If you have any advice on modifications please click on the comment link. Thanks.

Summary stats and stop-overs

April 1, 2007

Explorist600I have exported the data behind and you can download it as an Excel file here

The next task is to decide where the stop-overs will be. I want to do an average of 100 miles a day so that the trip lasts 12 days. However, based on last year’s experience, I am going to divide the route by metres ascended rather than by miles.

According to the attached file the total ascent will be around 38,500 metres which is about 3,250 a day. I’m off to do some sums . . .