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A fantastic day

September 2, 2007


Today started with a bit of a tiff (more on that later!) but with air cleared we stepped out into the pure Yorkshire rain and started pedalling through the Dales. You haven’t lived until you’ve had Yorkshire rain driven up your nose and into the back of yor throat. A bit like nasal colonic irrigation I imagine! Anyway the ride to Sedbergh and beyond was amazing. Even Luke who was pedalling mostly on his heals by this point really enjoyed it.
We were led most of the way to Penrith by Jo – what an inspiration that woman is! We were supported until Penrith by Jane, who joined us at Stone after an emergency call out from The Team. Thanks for giving up your weekend Jane to do things you don’t enjoy doing ie drive a car around places you don’t know – your help was much appreciated.

Left to right in the picture above: Luke, Simon, James, Ian, and Jane

We are now in Scotland and feeling good.
PS: But I am still down to two chain rings . . . .


Luke says farewell at Penrith

September 2, 2007


Here’s Luke at our picnic table, set up just off the town centre in Penrith, contemplating the state of his Achilles tendons (not good). He very sensibly decided to preserve them for another day and hitch a lift home with Jane. The first hour out of Penrith was fast but solemn without Luke. And the first topic when we stopped was Luke. How will we manage with our on-road mechanic and wit? Take care Luke. We miss you.

Meet Dave

September 2, 2007


This is Dave Wild, a fellow Moulton TSR 30 owner. Dave joined me at Slaithwaite on Saturday and cycled with me through the Peak Park to Hebden Bridge. Things did not go smoothly (see Chain of events) so it was brilliant to have someone with me. Lots of good cycling conversation was had. Dave, you must email the name of the oil you mentioned. Thanks for joining in.

Bent washer holding out

September 2, 2007


The hour in the kitchen at midnight last night is paying off. The bent washer is compensating for the bent bracket on the frame and I have the use of the bottom two chain rings. 🙂  Thanks to all at the lovely B and B at New Butts Farm, High Bentham, for looking after us (and the bikes) so well.

Alive in Sedbergh

September 2, 2007


Picnic Brunch stop at the town centre car park in Sedbergh,where the cooked sausages given to us by New Butts Farm B and B disappeared very quickly… L to R James, getting into dry clothes, Jane with a french sausage, Ian with his Big Shorts, Jo and Luke. We started in the rain but had a brilliant run through the Dales. Cousin Jo has joined us as chief navigator!

Chain of events (sorry)

September 2, 2007


So many stories, no time to blog! Yesterday (Sat) I started off on the NCN looking forward to meeting Dave at Slaithwaite. But had to give up on the NCN after a very slow 6 miles. On all the slopes the surface had been washed away (see picture).
I took to the road guided by the GPS which took me over Holme Summit (high). I arrived late in Slaithwaite – Dave was very patient.
The next stage to Hebden Bridge was a ‘chain’ section. First of all Dave had problems with his front changer. We fiddled and got the middle and lower rings to work.
Later on my chain started to jump. And later it broke. I had a spare link so it took 10mins to fix BUT when the chain broke it got caught in the front changer and bent it down behind the chain rings. Disaster!
The changer itself seems OK but the bracket that fixes it to the bike has bent. This not fixable on the road.
Anyway, Dave and I spent an hour trying to get some gears back.
After Jane’s road-side picnic in Mytholmroyd, I left Hebden Bridge with the bottom two chain rings working-ish. Up over the A6033 and on to the A65 to Ingleton. By the end of the day only the middle one was working.
We fiddled again last night and it looks like I’ve got the bottom two working again. We’ll see how we go but this could be a show stopper.

We rode in separate groups today, to meet up with different people and it was a day of missing each other: Jane missed Ian and James in Halifax, but accidentally met Simon and Dave out of Stallybridge. Jane missed most people with the lunch stop; Ian and James were trailing on the A65 when everyone assumed they were out in front, and then pitched up at the pub five minutes after we left – another chain of events…..

We made it! Just!

August 31, 2007


We’ve just got in to Glossop absolutely exhausted. 115 miles with the last 25 through the Peaks. We entered the Park and the weather changed immediately. The last 3 hours have been through high winds (side on fortunately), mist and rain. Ian had chain problems and a close encounter with a four-wheeled monster in the mist to contend with. However, we have now caught up with ourselves: the plan was to be in Glossop at the end of day 5 and here we are! Those that stayed awake long enough had a picnic in the B and B lounge as it was too late for all the pubs….

A catch up with ‘thank you’s

August 31, 2007


Sorry, I’ve got a bit behind with these but loads of people have supported us beyond the call of duty. Here are a few of them:
CAROL, DUNCAN and LIZ of Swallet Farm. Their hospitality was tremendous. Carol drove down to collect me from Wells and did all our laundry. And then Luke left without paying! We’ll catch up later!
I didn’t get to the farm until late but the pub _gave_ Trish a rump steak which she cooked on my arrival.
Martin met us in Whitchurch and guided us through Bristol and up to Severn Beach. Cheers Martin!
And Sarah and Martin for putting us up at Badsey at short notice, the Wheatsheaf for re-opening the main menu after hours and Jane (James’ mum) for joining us and paying. Thanks Jane.
You know about Trish already. She is currently dragging us through the West Midlands on an unplanned route.
Then there is Jane (my wife, Luke’s mum) who has been coordinating things back at base and has agreed to drive up to Stone and support us with a vehicle from this afternoon, to drag us up through Yorkshire, and as far as Penrith. Thanks everybody.

Above in the pic we have L to R: Carol, Ian, Duncan, James, Trish and Luke…

Trish is a star

August 31, 2007


When Trish said she’d join us as a support vehicle for a couple of days I thought ‘Oh that will be nice, we’ll be able to catch on the news and the food will be good!’. Little did I realise that we just wouldn’t have been able to get this far without her.
Yesterday (day 3) we got up before the others at 6 and she drove me back to Wells so that I could complete the section from there to Swalley Farm before breakfast.
Before the ride she also spotted that we’d booked accommodation in the wrong Whitchurch! It would have been a disaster if we’d not corrected that be fore the ride.
Thanks Trish. We’ll have to cath up with news some other time!