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Annan – New Galloway – Ayr

September 4, 2007


After the euphoria (and associated celebration) of crossing the border into Scotland we started out late (again) yesterday. We didn’t start pedalling until 9:20! And guess what? We didn’t get into Ayr until after dark. That’s one difficulty of doing this as a group, We can’t seem to get going in the morning.
We started out after a hearty breakfast at Tara and Dave’s (gluten-free sausages for me!) with the intention of sticking together for another hybrid day – a mix of A roads and NCN. We made good progess on the A roads to New Galloway for lunch but we then split.
Ian and James were put off the NCN by two things: a) by the lady in the tea shop saying it didn’t exist and b) the lady in the Post Office saying that she knew someone who’d done it on a mountain bike and had to carry it a lot of the way!
Anyway, I felt I needed to at least try.
It turns out that the first 4.5 miles were tarmac and the rest was forest road, a bit rough in places but you could easily pick a way through with a road bike. The Moulton clawed its way up the slopes like a goat!
Once through to Glentrool village the terrain changed and consisted of very long inclines followed by long descents. I measured one of these. At one point I didn’t pedal for 2.5 miles. Mind you, I’d earnt the pleasure.
There was a stiff northerly wind in the afternoon which was cold. Fingerless gloves were not enough!  I think Ian and James felt it more on the A roads than I did in the forest.
There was futher evidence of the ‘I’m totally exhausted so I will behave oddly’ syndrome (low blood sugar) when James decided to start walking, but forgot to get off his bike first! He fell off. However (for his mother, Jane’s sake) I am pleased to report no damage to body or bike. He is also behaving quite normally now (well, normally for James).
James also got his fist puncture . . . of his life… in the afternoon. Ian showed him what he had to do.


Photos are now up

September 3, 2007


I have uploaded the photos so far to the P-Ride Album. If there is a boy named William reading this, Ian (Dad) says can you find the ‘Millie Snack’ in the photos.

I have just arrived here . . .

September 3, 2007


. . . at New Galloway Post Office which is allegedly run by a relation of Ian’s and is closed! It’s 1:15. They are about to get a surprise.
That’s 40 miles of today’s total done.
Hopefully we can pick up the NCN aka the Red Kite Trail from here.

Route mod – hands gone

September 3, 2007


We’ve decided to stick together again today but modify the route to make it achievable! We are not not doing stages 31 & 32 but instead doing a 40 mile dash up the A75 and A712 to New Galloway. From there we will link back onto the NCN through the forest and up to Ayr. Really looking forward to that bit. We should meet Adrian at this point who will be cycling down from Ayr to meet us. He will then be part of the crew that, hopefully, makes it to JOG.
We are all feeling pretty good but our hands have ‘gone’: none of us could pick up the tea pot single-handed at breakfast this morning.