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Meet Dave

September 2, 2007


This is Dave Wild, a fellow Moulton TSR 30 owner. Dave joined me at Slaithwaite on Saturday and cycled with me through the Peak Park to Hebden Bridge. Things did not go smoothly (see Chain of events) so it was brilliant to have someone with me. Lots of good cycling conversation was had. Dave, you must email the name of the oil you mentioned. Thanks for joining in.


Alive in Sedbergh

September 2, 2007


Picnic Brunch stop at the town centre car park in Sedbergh,where the cooked sausages given to us by New Butts Farm B and B disappeared very quickly… L to R James, getting into dry clothes, Jane with a french sausage, Ian with his Big Shorts, Jo and Luke. We started in the rain but had a brilliant run through the Dales. Cousin Jo has joined us as chief navigator!

Instructions for last minute entrants

August 21, 2007

ImagesPeople are asking how they can join in at the last minute. Here’s what to do:

1 Check the itinerary here and choose the place where you’d like to join in (please put you name in the text)

2 Contribute £25 to the ruralnet|uk Participation Fund here* (or bring cash!)

3 Text me on 07932 107109 and let me know where you are joining in (I will be checking for texts first thing in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening)

4 I will text you back with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) at the joining point

If you want to ‘wing it’ then just guess when you think we will be passing a particular point and be there with your bike! (Hint: Overall journey speed should be about 10mph).

* I’m happy to relax this if you really are impoverished! So don’t let this be a barrier to taking part but please donate something if you can.

Now we are 10!

August 13, 2007

Meet James Cooke, economist, ex-teacher, marathon runner and reluctant cyclist. James is attempting the whole ride and he’s sleeping rough, no B&Bs for James!

Dave Wild has also confirmed that he is joining us on Stage 24 and very possibly Stage 25 on
Saturday 01/09/07. Dave will be on his Moulton TSR 30 (like mine).

That makes four of us doing the whole route (one the wrong side of 50, another the wrong side of 40 and two the right side of 30) with seven others joining in along the way.

Welcome on board guys.

Now we are 8!

August 5, 2007

Photo_060406_001I am thrilled to say that, rather unexpectedly, my son Luke has said he will be joining us . . . . for the whole trip! Welcome on board Luke.

Luke did Whitchurch to Hamilton (~250 miles) on last year’s trip. The photo was taken at the rather emotional moment when he boarded the train at Hamilton. The full report from last year’s blog is here.

There are now three of us attempting the whole ride. There are four of us starting, four of us finishing and others participating on the way . . . the Participation Ride comes of age! 🙂

Now we are 7!

July 7, 2007

Adrian3Just received a text from Adrian – he is in!

Adrian is joining us on 3/9/07 at lunchtime (around Gatehouse of Fleet) and staying with the ride until the bitter end!

Adrian and I were part of the team that rode across the Yucatan in aid of Acorns Children’s Hospice in 2003. This is when this picture was taken. Adrian also joined the ride last year from Avenbury to Preston.


Rob to join in – Slaithwaite and Hebden Bridge

July 2, 2007

RobandjeanRob and Jean were the first people I saw on my 50th birthday last year as I was cycling along the banks of Loch Ness. I didn’t know them before that moment. they had been following the blog and were in the area on holiday! The full report on the encounter is here.

Rob’s just left a comment on the blog which goes like this:

Remember we met at Drumnadrochit on your last ride.
I intend joining you for the day between Slaithwaite and Hebden Bridge
on 1/9/07.
I have looked at the route and at first thought there were problems crossing the M62 at Scammonden Dam, however I have rece’d it and although it is naggery the only feature which may slow you down is a
steep down hill singetrack from Chapel Hill Lane down to the path across the Dam wall.The crossing of the M62 is by tunnel at the west end of the Dam.
I am off to ride it this week.
Best of luck.

Brilliant! Welcome on board Rob – let us know how your ride goes.

Now we are 4

June 12, 2007

Edmitchell_2We have been doing some really interesting things over here. A group of us decided to develop a response to a Governmnet tender (normally a cloak and dagger exercise) in the open and online. Anyway, the Open Innovation Exchange has been an amazing experience AND I have ‘met’ some really innovative and interesting people. One of them is Ed (that’s him on the left). Anyway Ed is joining us for a section around Bristol. Cheers Ed.

Ed is working on making the online bit of the Darfur Campaign work which another friend, David Wilcox, wrote about here. The online bit of the Darfur campaign is here.

Rob Quinn’s in – now we are three

May 20, 2007

RobquinnMeet Rob, he commented on this blog, we spoke on the phone and he is now part of the team. Welcome Rob! I see from his email that Rob is an Environmental Consultant with Mayer Brown Limited. He’s doing from Land’s End to ‘Yorkshire somewhere’ and treating it as a dry run for his own LEJOG next year.

Now we need some women to commit otherwise this could get very blokey! Come on you lasses from the Yucatan Ride, where are you?

Tricia sent me a text

April 28, 2007

TriciaNow this is a very significant development. Tricia is a brilliant networker and has a knack of making things happen. We were both part of a group of people who cycled across the Yucatan for Acorns Children’s Hospice in 2003. Tricia also joined me for part of last year’s ride. I’m hoping some of the other members of the Mexico team might also sign up like Gill or  Katriona or Sally or Pippa or ??

Tricia is planning to support the ride in a vehicle for 2-3 days from Taunton onwards. This is fantastic, as several people will join in if they know there is someone with a box of plasters and a car just behind!

I’ve also spoken to Adrian – he rode a good part of the route last year – from Avenbury to Preston and he is working out his leave to see when he might join in this time.