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A few more thank yous

September 13, 2007

AlexmoultonDuring the the early and traumatic part of the ride several people ran around a bit to help. My work colleague, Brian, contacted Alex Moulton Cycles and Shaun Moulton provided tyre advice and two new folding tyres very quickly to an advance accommodation address. Thanks guys. My wife Jane also spoke to Dan Farrell at Pashley’s who also gave his time and advice freely. Thanks Dan.


More on the girls at home…

September 7, 2007

Jane who drove the support car thro Staffs and Yorkshire to Penrith, and Em, whose graduation today co-incided with the JOG arrival.Jandem_2

A catch up with ‘thank you’s

August 31, 2007


Sorry, I’ve got a bit behind with these but loads of people have supported us beyond the call of duty. Here are a few of them:
CAROL, DUNCAN and LIZ of Swallet Farm. Their hospitality was tremendous. Carol drove down to collect me from Wells and did all our laundry. And then Luke left without paying! We’ll catch up later!
I didn’t get to the farm until late but the pub _gave_ Trish a rump steak which she cooked on my arrival.
Martin met us in Whitchurch and guided us through Bristol and up to Severn Beach. Cheers Martin!
And Sarah and Martin for putting us up at Badsey at short notice, the Wheatsheaf for re-opening the main menu after hours and Jane (James’ mum) for joining us and paying. Thanks Jane.
You know about Trish already. She is currently dragging us through the West Midlands on an unplanned route.
Then there is Jane (my wife, Luke’s mum) who has been coordinating things back at base and has agreed to drive up to Stone and support us with a vehicle from this afternoon, to drag us up through Yorkshire, and as far as Penrith. Thanks everybody.

Above in the pic we have L to R: Carol, Ian, Duncan, James, Trish and Luke…

Trish is a star

August 31, 2007


When Trish said she’d join us as a support vehicle for a couple of days I thought ‘Oh that will be nice, we’ll be able to catch on the news and the food will be good!’. Little did I realise that we just wouldn’t have been able to get this far without her.
Yesterday (day 3) we got up before the others at 6 and she drove me back to Wells so that I could complete the section from there to Swalley Farm before breakfast.
Before the ride she also spotted that we’d booked accommodation in the wrong Whitchurch! It would have been a disaster if we’d not corrected that be fore the ride.
Thanks Trish. We’ll have to cath up with news some other time!

Meet Louise and Chris

August 29, 2007


Luke and I had a hard but good run from the B&B, along the Camel Trail and up (and up) over Bodmin Moor. At the first sign of civilisation we stopped for a baked potato at the Wilsey Down pub. We were too early for lunch but Chris and Louise (following a request from Jan) opened the kichen especially and we ate well. Thanks guys. And thanks for the donation too!

Meet Rachael

August 28, 2007

On day 1 we were too relaxed and ran behind schedule all day and didn’t get to our accommodation until 10:45pm. On the bright side, this meant we stopped at a place called Vogue for lunch instead of Bissoe. Here we met Rachael who was behind the bar at The Star. And what a star she was! It was officially too late for food but she dragged the chef back with some sort of bribe and we ate well! We even left with ice in our water bottles!

BBC Breakfast, the wrong Whitchurch and some the women in my life

August 23, 2007

SwalletTricia called this morning after I published the accommodation list on this blog to say that we’d booked our B&B on the 3rd night in the wrong Whitchurch!! Anyway, Tricia has now sorted this and we are staying at the farm to the left which is conveniently located in the right Whitchurch. I have corrected the accommodation list here.

Ellie, of UKVillages, also called. She has been doing a bit of publicity and we ‘are booked in for Monday’ on BBC Breakfast!! Whether this happens or not we will see! But it’s probably worth having the TV on!

Meanwhile, another woman, Jane, has been keeping me calm and helping me get an awful lot of ‘stuff’ on a very small bike.

Thanks girls!!

(Can’t wait to start pedalling now . . . but got my brother-in-law’s wedding to attend to first).

Time to work on sponsorship

August 16, 2007


Having spent hours and hours planning the route and creating the map website here, it’s about time I started trying to raise some sponsorship so here goes . . .


(Selling was never a strong point of mine). Please click on the button and donate as much as you can for ruralnet|uk’s Participation Fund.

Many thanks.

I went to Glastonbury . . .

June 25, 2007

Sustransplaque. . . and was given this!

Sustrans had a tent in ‘The Green Fields’ and I met Katie who was very interested in this ride and gave me this amazing plaque! I’m chuffed!

Other highlights of the festival for me were: a surprise appearance by Amadou and Mariam; Lou Rhodes (ex Lamb); Ed Harcourt; The marley Brothers and Dame Shirley Bassey (not my thing but she was absolutely amazing). But there were too many people this year . . . they’d "up-ed the capacity" but in my view the site can’t cope with 165,000.

We started to try to leave at 1.00am this morning, we got stuck, like everyone else, we finally got onto tarmac at 07.30am!! They will be towing out vehicles for days!

Trish commits! Bless you!

June 19, 2007

TriciaI warned you here that when you get a text from Tricia, things happen!

I got an email today which said:

Morning Simon
I’ll cover from lunch on 29/08 to & including lunch on 31/08.
I could bring the horse box which has plenty of space for bikes/luggage rather than the car if you think it’s a good idea – can take 2 passengers only though.

So those of you who’d do a stage or two "if there was a support vehicle" no longer have an excuse! To clarify this means that we will have support vehicle from Creech St Michael (near Taunton) to Buxton. Thanks Trish.